Soil Moisture Monitoring

Work Smarter, not Harder.

An effective Soil Moisture Monitoring program will help take away the guess work. You can Irrigate, Sow, Fertilise, and Harvest more accurately with greater crop benefit and less waste.

For Irrigation Farmers, it can give you:

  • Higher yields and crop quality, with
  • Less water and power, which
  • Equals greater profitability.
For Dryland Farmers, it can help you decide more accurately:
  • When to sow;
  • When to fertilise;
  • Whether to go to harvest or cut for silage.

“Whatever your situation, we have a solution for you.”

  • Soil Moisture probes w/ Temperature, and EC;
  • Simple Gypsum Block systems;
  • Comprehensive range of Monitoring and Logging Systems;
  • Priced from $300
  • Manual or Automatic Data retrieval systems;
  • Catering for both On-farm and Remote Sites;
  • Fully integrated Irrigation Control and Soil Moisture Systems;
  • Agriculture, Horticulture, Turf, Industrial & Commercial applications.

Sales, Service, & Installation of major manufacturers:

  • Adcon Telemetry Systems
  • Enviropro – High Performance SM Probes
  • MAIT Industries – Monitoring and Control solutions
  • MEA – Soil Moisture and Climate Specialists
  • Observant – remote monitoring systems
  • Outpost WASP- affordable continuous monitoring
  • Ranch Systems – cloud-based monitoring and control
  • Sentek – Enviroscan & Triscan probes,
  • Wisa – Soil Moisture and Irrigation Control.

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